What to expect in Arizona when the eclipse is over

Travel restrictions have been in place in Arizona for several weeks, and if the eclipse passes, you can expect a delay in getting around the state.

The eclipse will hit the state at 11:01 p.m.

Eastern Time (4:01 a.m., CDT) on Sunday.

Travelers will be able to get through the area between midnight and 1 a.d.


It’s expected to be a relatively quiet eclipse, with the exception of a small swath of sun that could produce some sunburn.

The eclipse will be visible from most areas of the continental U.S., but some areas may not be accessible during the eclipse.

The path of totality will cross the continental United States, and parts of the U.K. and Canada may also see a partial eclipse.

There are several ways to travel around the eclipse, and some areas have had special events planned.

If you can, try to get a taxi or private vehicle to help you get to the location of the eclipse event, according to Travel.com.

On Monday, the National Weather Service will begin issuing a travel advisory for parts of southeastern Arizona.

You can view the latest advisory here.

For those who can’t drive, there are several places that are open and accessible.

Be aware that you will be looking at the Sun for most of the day, so you might not see the eclipse entirely until well after midnight.

In Arizona, you’ll need to be prepared.

The state is one of the few states that have solar power, but there’s a limit on how much power you can generate.

If you can’t power your car, you’re going to need a solar panel, which will cost you anywhere from $400 to $700 depending on your location.

Solar panels are often installed on rooftops or near airports, so it’s worth planning ahead.

There are several locations where you can purchase solar power at a discount.

Some locations will also be open to the public for a limited time during the time of totality.

While there is no specific curfew in place, the eclipse will pass through parts of Arizona.

If the eclipse lasts for more than one hour, it will be completely dark.

If that’s the case, stay out of your neighborhoods and try to avoid the area.


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