Waikele beach vacationers beware

If you’re going to the beach, do not drive your car.

Hawaii officials are requiring you to wear a seat belt while driving on Waikeles beaches, as a result of a fatal collision that killed three people.

Hawaii officials have ordered drivers on the Waikela beaches to wear seat belts for at least six months after a fatal crash that killed two women and a child at Waikelaks beaches on Feb. 3.

The crash occurred at the Waikiki Beach on the south side of the island, just north of the intersection of North and East Kakaako streets.

One woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another woman was treated for life-threatening injuries and was pronounced in stable condition at the hospital.

Three other people, including the driver of the pickup truck, were seriously injured.

The woman in the pickup was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while the other two were taken to the University of Hawaii Medical Center for treatment.

Both the women died at the beach.

The driver of that truck has since been arrested on suspicion of causing a death by operation of a motor vehicle.

Police have not released the names of the two women or the driver involved in the crash, citing the ongoing investigation.

They have not yet released a list of injured passengers, although one woman is in stable and one in serious condition.

Hawaiian officials said the crash occurred as the pickup stopped at a red light at the intersection.

Police said a car was traveling northbound on North Kakaakoes Road when a driver who was not wearing a seatbelt entered the intersection and hit a vehicle before colliding with a truck, injuring the occupants.

Police said a vehicle was traveling southbound on East Kawaako Road when another driver entered the road and collided with the pickup.

The pickup was traveling westbound on West Kakaaka Road when the crash happened.

Police believe the crash was a result to the driver not wearing his seatbelt, police said.

The driver of a white pickup truck was arrested on Feb 13 and is currently being held at the Honolulu Police Department.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 11.


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