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Free flights are on the rise.

That’s according to an industry expert who claims to have discovered a major trend in the past two years.

A new survey by the travel industry company has revealed that the number of free flights has skyrocketed in recent years.

In the past 12 months, the number has increased by more than 5,000%.

It’s a trend that Flytothory says will likely continue in the years to come, as the travel world seeks to cut down on the costs of air travel.

The survey revealed that people were spending a staggering $1.5 trillion annually on air travel, which was a record for 2015.

The number of flights also grew by more nearly 6,000% last year, according to

The reason for the rapid growth in free air travel has to do with the rise of mobile apps and the emergence of online travel sites.

“With the rise in the number and speed of apps like MyBookie and Priceline, travel and tourism have been on the ascent in the last few years, which is making the process of booking flights a lot more streamlined and easy,” said Alex Shulman, CEO of Flytuthory.

“The internet has made it so easy to find cheap travel deals, but with a mobile device, it’s even easier to find cheaper flights, especially in major cities like New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Washington, D.O. It’s now possible to book a flight to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Amsterdam and more with one click.”

In the future, it’ll be even easier for travelers to book flights for friends and family, said Shulmans co-founder and CEO Adam Sillers.

“This will continue to grow as people travel more, but now they can also find the best deals,” said Sillies.

“We have seen the rise and fall of free travel and are not concerned with the current trend, but rather the future.” 

In a statement to Bleacher, said, “Flytotheories survey of thousands of consumers across the globe reveals that the average price of a flight has gone up over the past year.

In 2015, we saw a record of more than $1,500 on average.

We also saw a significant increase in the average cost of flights in 2016, with the average average cost for a round trip flight of just $1.,050.

In 2017, the average round trip cost of a round-trip flight has increased to $1 million.

The study also showed that the overall price of airfare has also risen in 2017, with a median price of $1 per person.

The data from Flytiths survey confirms that consumers are increasingly interested in booking flights and are now booking flights for their family and friends,” the statement read.

“Our research also indicates that travel agencies are focusing more on getting their guests to their destinations, rather than booking flights to their own homes.

The new trend is that people are using their smartphones to book and then transferring the money to their friends and families.

We are excited to see the number grow again and are working hard to provide travelers with the best value for money and get them to their destination on time.” 

The survey showed that free flights were a major factor in boosting the popularity of online booking sites such as, which has been seeing a rapid increase in popularity since 2016. 

“Our survey shows that the total number of online bookings increased by nearly 7,000 percent last year to reach 4,097 million bookings,” Priceline spokesperson, Alex Smith, said in a statement.

“Since 2017, Priceline has increased their number of booking opportunities by over 100,000, a significant amount.” 

While the rise is great news for travelers, it will be important to consider whether you want to spend money on a free flight, or whether you would prefer to go with a travel agent. 

The rise in free flights is also a trend for the online travel industry.

According to travel site Expedia, the amount of free airfare booking sites has increased more than 50% year over year. 

Shulmans website is a good resource for travelers who want to book cheap flights or find cheaper flight deals, and also offers a guide to book free flights. is a great website for people who want a freebie, but is not geared towards people who plan to travel. 

Sillers website has also seen an increase in traffic, with more than 1.3 million unique visitors a month. 

As travel sites gain more popularity, the demand for free flights will continue.

Shulers website said, “It is important to keep in mind that free travel is just a starting point and that people who have no money to spend on travel are often the ones getting a free trip.

If you are looking for a travel deal, be sure to


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