Rental agency Rental car, airline and hotel prices soar in Melbourne

Melbourne rents are skyrocketing, with prices in the CBD and surrounding suburbs climbing by more than 40 per cent over the past year.

Aarp travel nurse accommodation is now more expensive than a car rental in Melbourne, while travel nurse apartments in Melbourne’s CBD are up about 40 percen and travel nurse units in inner Melbourne are up more than 60 per cent.

The price of a one bedroom in Melbourne has soared to more than $3,400.

The price of one bed in an AARP hotel room has jumped by $2,000.

Rental car prices are going up by more in Melbourne than any other major city, according to AARP.

AARP travel nurse rental car is now a $6,600 higher than the year before.

The rental car market is also up in the inner suburbs, but the rental price is still below average, with one car costing $1,300 a month.

When it comes to the luxury goods market, the price of the luxury hotel room is still well below average.

AARP travel nurses are getting more expensive, with a luxury hotel rental at $2.5, but in the heart of the CBD it is $1.5.

Travel nurse apartments are still below the average in Melbourne for a one-bedroom, but now it is up about 10 per cent, to $2 million.

Some of the highest rents are in the outer suburbs, such as the western suburbs, which has an average rental price of $2 a month, and Melbourne’s west, which is a little less expensive at $1 a month in the city.

Renters have also seen their outgoings go up.

The median cost of a car is $7,300, with two cars costing $2m, three cars costing more than double that, and four cars costing over $5m.

Rentings in the north and east have also gone up.

In the CBD, a two-bedroom in a house worth $1 million can be had for $2200.

A house worth over $4 million can go for $6m.


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