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What’s the best travel stop in the US?

Google’s travel stops have been a source of controversy in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel ban.In an article for Vice News, we took a look at the best places to visit, and where you can still get cheap flights out of the country.What do you need to know about Google Travel Stops?What to look […]

How to avoid the coronavirus and get the most out of your travel gifts

If you are a travel blogger, you probably want to avoid travelling to spai… source Techradar title What to know about coronaviruses and travel, including coronaviral travel restrictions article You probably want some travel advice, but the coronab… source TechnologyRadar

Why are some airlines offering travel vans and travel trailers at low rates?

TSB Transportation reports that some of the biggest airlines in the world are offering travel trailers and vans at a low price.The carriers offer travel vans with seating capacity for two people, but the price of the vans is significantly lower than the standard economy class.The vans come with a standard luggage compartment, but they […]

How to drive your car to your destination without a hitch

It’s the latest example of a trend that’s seen the number of people who use public transportation jump over the past few years.The trend is driven by more and more Americans using public transportation to get to and from work and other important places, according to a report from transportation research firm J.D. Power and […]

How to watch the new Netflix series Travelers series: What to expect

The first series to debut on Netflix is Travelers, a new series created by Travelers co-creator/executive producer, and star, Jennifer Jason Leigh.Travelers follows two teenage girls who travel the world in search of love and adventure, while struggling to keep their sanity.Leigh is set to star in the series as Jodi, an English-speaking, British teenager […]


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