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‘I just wanna make sure I don’t hurt anyone’: How the Trump administration is trying to limit travel to and from the Middle East

The Trump administration has begun issuing travel restrictions for several Middle Eastern countries, but critics say the measures are counterproductive.The travel restrictions are a major step toward limiting U.S. travel to parts of the Middle Eastern region in response to a wave of deadly attacks by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, the […]

How to find travel packages that fit Kentucky’s travel restrictions

The travel restrictions are not just for Kentucky residents.Travel packages are also restricted for Kentucky visitors visiting the U.S. and Canada. Kentucky also requires visitors to take additional precautions if they plan to visit another state. In Kentucky, visitors to Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City must take additional steps to protect their health and safety. The U.K. […]

Ohio Travel Restrictions Now in Effect

Ohio is officially in a travel blackout mode as of today, with travel restrictions across the state.Travelers have until 7:00 a.m.ET on July 8 to return to their residences, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.It’s unclear whether this will affect travelers heading out of the state for business or leisure, though the restrictions don’t […]

How to Find Your Local Travel Channel Sweepstakes (US & Canada)

When you search for “travel channel” on your travel channel website, you can often find travel channel sweepers that offer prizes for new users to enter and win.For example, if you search “tourism channel sweepings” and then “touring competitions,” you will see travel channel tournaments such as the “Tourism Travel Sweepstakes” or “Touring Competition Sweepstakes.”However, […]

‘It was a bit like going to the dentist’: How you can travel without getting checked out by health officials

Traveling without a health check-up is a risk-free, easy way to experience the sights and sounds of Europe.But now you’re in the position of being responsible for checking out people when they arrive at airports, and you might be a bit nervous about where they’ll be taken.In the UK, you’ll be required to take a […]

Why are travel advisories in Massachusetts?

Travel advisory: CLOROX® wipes.Travelers can safely travel with CLORX wipes for a one-time $4.99 fee.CLOROX wipes are a safe and effective disinfectant to disinfect surfaces and belongings and to prevent the spread of diseases.For the first time, travelers can also use CLORXX wipes, which contain chlorine, to clean hands and wash the hands.They also help […]

What you need to know about Nevada travel restrictions

The Nevada Department of Transportation has been forced to close some highways and highways, including Interstate 80, due to the high volume of travelers during the summer.Nevada Gov.Brian Sandoval announced Friday that all highways in the state will be closed from June 1 through August 3.Sandoval said the closures will include Interstate 80 from I-80 […]


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