The Travel Industry Wants You To Stop Traveling In Colorado and Tell Your Story: “I Don’t Like It When Travelers Use Colorado To Sell Their Stuff”

The travel industry has an odd fascination with colorado.They have a whole industry dedicated to making the travel industry look bad, and they have a business to make you like it.We have been here before.We were here before we went to Florida.We are here again.We just love travel in colorado, so we thought it would […]

How to watch the new Netflix series Travelers series: What to expect

The first series to debut on Netflix is Travelers, a new series created by Travelers co-creator/executive producer, and star, Jennifer Jason Leigh.Travelers follows two teenage girls who travel the world in search of love and adventure, while struggling to keep their sanity.Leigh is set to star in the series as Jodi, an English-speaking, British teenager […]

Utah lawmakers propose $4 million to help cover travel restrictions

Utah lawmakers have proposed $4.5 million to pay for travel restrictions in the state’s borders, according to a report by The Salt Lake Tribune.The proposal would pay for about 1,000 flights to and from Utah, as well as about 300 flights to the border and another 400 to other destinations, including major airports.The proposed funding […]

How to protect yourself against the Zika virus

By: Lauren A. Smith, Staff ReporterThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced late Monday that travelers from seven countries with the Zika-related virus are now subject to travel restrictions for the next five months.The travel restrictions will begin Monday, and the CDC has also announced that it is canceling its two-week mosquito season […]


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