How to stay safe on the world’s busiest airport

By the time you arrive at Boston’s Logan International Airport, it’s likely you’ll be greeted by a security line and a metal detector.You might also be asked to turn off your cell phone.And you may have to step into a metal box to board a plane.But for travelers heading to and from the United States, […]

‘Treat me like an adult’: Australian mother of two, 23, sentenced to two years in jail for child porn

An Australian woman has been sentenced to a two-year prison term for sharing child pornography on social media.Caitlyn McKeon, 23 from Sydney, was found guilty of two counts of uploading child pornography and was given two years’ imprisonment at the High Court in Sydney.Ms McKean admitted to sending hundreds of images of children aged under […]

How to use travel app Stroller in a car, carpooling, or when it’s not safe to travel

With all the technology around us, and with the advent of cars and the Internet, we’ve come to expect the best from our cars.We expect our drivers to be well-versed in all manner of things that go with driving a car.And that includes how we can make our journeys.But the car can be dangerous.It can […]

Trump blasts McCain for ‘disgraceful’ tweets about McCain

Donald Trump blasted former Democratic President Barack Obama for criticizing his travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.Trump tweeted Saturday that Obama “should not have said that” when asked by ABC News host George Stephanopoulos about the ban.“He should have said ‘don’t worry, we will get it done.’And he should not have tweeted that,” Trump said […]

What to expect in Arizona when the eclipse is over

Travel restrictions have been in place in Arizona for several weeks, and if the eclipse passes, you can expect a delay in getting around the state.The eclipse will hit the state at 11:01 p.m.Eastern Time (4:01 a.m., CDT) on Sunday.Travelers will be able to get through the area between midnight and 1 a.d.Monday.It’s expected to […]


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