NFL says it won’t allow 49ers fans to go to Super Bowl LI’s game on Sunday due to travel restrictions

A group of 49ers fan-activists plan to walk the streets of San Francisco on Sunday wearing matching outfits, including their signature Levi’s Stadium green “Go Niners” hoodies, to protest a proposed 49ers-Colts playoff game.The San Francisco 49ers are hosting a preseason game on Jan. 3 in Minneapolis.The 49ers and Colts are slated to play at […]

Arizona bill expands travel restrictions to the rest of the country

Arizona passed a bill on Monday that expands travel bans to the entire U.S. The measure, signed by Gov.Doug Ducey, also bans certain travel and restricts immigration from several Muslim-majority countries.Duceya has also declared the state of emergency and declared a state of national emergency in Arizona.The bill allows for an additional 60 days for […]

How to buy tickets to the 2020 Olympic Games in Chicago

The Associated Press has learned that some Chicago residents are being asked to cancel their Chicago vacation plans and to avoid flights to the Games because of the Olympics restrictions.Chicago has been put on a list of 10 cities with strict restrictions on travelers heading to the Olympics, according to a list obtained by AP.The […]

What’s the difference between travel restrictions and domestic travel restrictions?

Travel restrictions are imposed by the United States government on certain travel routes and require that travelers must meet certain safety and security standards.The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the agency that makes these rules.Domestic travel restrictions are set by the Department of State.Travelers traveling within the United State and international travel […]

How to buy travel wipes clorax

The most popular travel wipes on the market are clorazepam and olanzapine, which are both relatively expensive, but are both fairly effective in treating depression.I bought my first clorazzepam on my first trip to Germany and my first olanzzapine was at the same time my first prescription for anxiety.Both were prescribed for bipolar disorder and […]


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