How to Find the Best Airlines to Fly From NJ to New York

New Jersey has the best airport options for air travel, according to a new study.

Here are the top five airlines to fly to and from the state.

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The report also found that people who are new to New Jersey can easily find flights in New York and the Bronx, with the lowest cost for airfare.

Airlines have also been finding ways to cater to the growing population of New Yorkers. 

“The biggest trend is the popularity of New York City-style airlines,” said Kristin Wainstein, director of research for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

“The more that people know about New York, the more they are going to want to travel there.” 

Airline officials have also found ways to bring in more New Yorkers to fly, too. 

In 2014, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance was formed, with its goal of creating more jobs and a stronger economy in the boroughs. 

The Alliance’s executive director, Eric Leach, said the alliance is trying to get New York to be more welcoming to tourists and commuters.

“New York is a great city and we want to help make New York more welcoming,” Leach said.

“It’s a great place to fly.

New Yorkers are very open minded.

They are more likely to see the positives in our community than the negatives.”

The airlines in the top 10 list are: JetBlue, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, United Continental Holdings, American Airlines, and American Airlines Southeast. 

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