How to buy tickets to the 2020 Olympic Games in Chicago

The Associated Press has learned that some Chicago residents are being asked to cancel their Chicago vacation plans and to avoid flights to the Games because of the Olympics restrictions.

Chicago has been put on a list of 10 cities with strict restrictions on travelers heading to the Olympics, according to a list obtained by AP.

The restrictions include the city not allowing flights from the city to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

Chicago officials say the restrictions will allow the city’s airport to process all flights and trains that leave the city.

But the AP learned that other cities with similar restrictions have also been on the list.

One of the hardest hit cities, Chicago’s airport said Thursday that it was being forced to reconsider its decision to keep out passengers headed to the Winter Olympics.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters that he has spoken to the International Olympic Committee’s chief operating officer, John F. Deutch, about the situation and he is committed to the IOC’s commitment to allow people to come to the games.

The IOC has been forced to make tough decisions about which cities to allow to host the games because of safety concerns about the coronavirus outbreak that has struck the United States.

The IOC has said it will not be hosting the Games in the U.S. city of Chicago unless all restrictions are lifted.

The Games begin Aug. 5 in Sochi, Russia.

The Chicago mayor said that some travelers may be able to buy travel tickets to Chicago for the Games.

He said that Chicagoers should contact their travel agents and not take advantage of the Olympic vacation option.

“I am deeply concerned about the health and safety of Chicago residents traveling to the Olympic Games and the fact that there may be some folks out there that are impacted by this as well,” Emanuel said Thursday.

“We will work closely with our partners and our Olympic partners to ensure that we have an Olympic Games that we can all be proud of and we can be proud to be a part of.

Chicago’s airport says it is working with airlines and other companies to offer passengers the option to buy flights.

The airport says the airlines have not been notified of any plans to cancel flights.

The AP first reported on Wednesday that some people who had planned to go to the Chicago Olympics might be required to reconsider their plans.

It said the airlines had been told by the IOC that the restrictions would only be in place until the summer.


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