‘Hannah Montana’ actress Lena Dunham’s first movie on her HBO show is ‘really funny, and a lot of fun’

Lena Dunham has been an unlikely celebrity guest at Hollywood parties since debuting on HBO’s Girls.

In the first episode of her HBO series, Hannah Montana, the Emmy Award-winning star opened up about her personal and professional life, and her experiences with depression.

But the episode also featured a conversation about her friendship with HBO comedy writer/producer Chris Rock, who has become her co-host on his show and who has also hosted the Emmy Awards.

“I love that Chris Rock and I hang out all the time,” Dunham told Rolling Stone.

“And I’ve met him and I’ve known him for years and he’s such a fantastic comedian and he knows so much about the business, and I love that.

Dunham said she first met Rock in the early ’90s when they were both in the midst of the MTV Video Music Awards. “

He’s such an incredible person, and to know that he’s actually doing that and really enjoying it, it makes it all worthwhile, I think.”

Dunham said she first met Rock in the early ’90s when they were both in the midst of the MTV Video Music Awards.

Rock asked her to meet him at a restaurant and they started hanging out.

“It was like, I’m going to get a drink and he is going to be like, Hey, I can’t believe I’m actually in this restaurant with you, you know?”

Dunham said.

“Then we just became best friends and I was so grateful to him for having that opportunity to be my friend.”

Dunham, who grew up in the Westchester County, New York, area, said she was inspired by her experience with Rock.

“The way he would talk about himself and what he thought of himself and who he was, it was so inspiring to me,” she said.

Dunham said that she had never been to Rock’s show before, and that he had a big laugh about meeting her at the restaurant.

“My first thought was, Oh my god, he has a beard and is wearing a T-shirt and he says, ‘My name is Hannah Montana,'” Dunham said, laughing.

“We were laughing and he said, ‘No, my name is Chris Rock.

He loves to talk about his life.’

I said, I know, I’ve never seen him like that before.”

Dunham also said that Rock told her that she was “too big to fit into the world.”

“I just got very frustrated and I said that I was really small and that I needed to be out of that world,” Dunham said of Rock’s advice.

“Because I was afraid that he would not be able to see me as who I was.”

Dunham and Rock were soon working together on their comedy series, Girls, which Dunham said is the first show that she has worked on.

“Chris Rock is a brilliant comedian, and the show has been really good for him, but I think it was my first experience working with a creator of a show,” Dunham continued.

“For a comedian to be able understand the world you’re in and to be in a place where you can express yourself in a way that you don’t always have the ability to express in real life is really valuable.”

Dunham told THR that Rock has given her some advice for her personal life.

“When I’m not writing, I’ll just watch Girls and just think about what Chris Rock would say, and what I’d be doing,” Dunham added.

“If you are reading this, it is very important that you listen to Chris Rock’s commentary and go out there and be your authentic self.

You’re going to do amazing things.”

Dunham is currently starring in the HBO series Girls, where she will star alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, and Cecily Strong.

The series is set to premiere on September 30.


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